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политику конфиденциальности
Enjoy sightseeing tours around Ekaterinburg as well as history of the Russian Tsar Family and First President of Russia.
4 days —3 nights
3 days — 2 nights
Tours in the Ural
Cultural and historical tours around the Ural Region.
Border of Europe and Asia, Gold Museum and the biggest private collection
of military equipment — waiting for you!
Culture and History of the Urals
3 days — 2 nights
Country Spa Weekend
2 days — 1 night
Semiprecious Ural
3 days — 2 nights
Active Tours
Enjoy the beauty of the Russian nature in the Urals!
Ural Mountains, rivers, Ural picturesque landscapes — waiting for you!
Rafting on the river Serga with
a visit to the natural park "Deer Streams"
3 days — 2 nights
Rafting down the river Chusovaya
3 days — 2 nights
Trekking to Konzhakovsky Stone
3 days — 2 nights
Winter dog sledding
Unforgettable emotions, enjoy the beautiful nature with four-legged friends! Dog sledding,
kennel excursions, photo sessions with dogs!
Winter dog sledding program "Forest Tale"
4 hours
Winter dog sledding program
"Advanced Musher"

2 hours